class descriptions

hot 90

temp: 105°     time: 90 min

Sequence of 26 postures performed in a consistent order including 2 sets of each posture.  Static series promotes focus and determination.  Designed to heal, strengthen, and balance the body as well as the mind. The class starts and ends with stillness in a comfortable seated position and also includes 2 breathing exercises. All levels.

warm 60

temp: 95°     time: 60 min

Warm up to the transformative properties of yoga and meditation with this class that hits all the evolation highlights in just 60 minutes. Good for beginners, the pace is designed to bring awareness to correct form and breathing techniques – nurturing your practice into something that will continually nurture you. All levels.

still 30

meditation time: 30 min

A 30-min seated mediation. Immediately following each Warm 60 class, this meditation session gives you some peaceful time with your Self to foster internal focus, calm, and stillness. There is no extra charge for meditation; simply stay after class and ”chill out.” (Drop-ins for mediation are also welcome.)

flow 75

temp: room     time: 75 min

Vinyasa Flow or a dynamic connection of movement with breath, building heat from the inside out, and focused on endurance, flexibility, and strength. Creative sequencing to inspire physical, energetic, mental, and inner freedom or higher state of consciousness. All levels.

foundational flow 75

temp: room     time: 75 min

Our Foundational Flow class is a deep dive into the postures and transitions that make up an open vinyasa flow class. Open to students of all levels looking to set foundation or build stronger foundation where ever you find yourSelf. Use this class to create a greater understanding of alignment, language and props to explore your practice.

yin 75

temp: room     time: 75 min

Yin Yoga is a relaxing restorative form of yoga that works to target joints, connective tissue, ligaments and fascia. It is a slow paced style of yoga in which asanas are held for several minutes, usually done seated or lying down.
You will leave this practice feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and restored.