Beverly Rose

Whether learning to balance on one leg for the first time, learning the safety and depth of your back bend, or just learning to be patient with yourself, everybody is somewhere different along their yoga journey. Anyone can benefit from yoga practice no matter where they are and this is the philosophy that I strive to hold to as a teacher. I aim to create a safe and welcoming space for my students to practice at their own level.

I also believe strongly in creating a balance in one’s life, making yoga one important part of that balance. If you can take your yoga practice into your daily life and use it to be more self-aware, this can create balance in body and in mind. I am continuously working on creating this balance for myself, and in my pursuit, I hope to instill this in others.

I started my yoga journey with difficulty, and was not able to have the patience with myself to sit through one class. But now, the practice of yoga and the practice of teaching yoga has become an integral part of my life. Some days it is easier for me than others, but I try to remind myself, as I would others, that it is about the practice, not perfection.

I completed my 250 hour hot yoga training with Evolation in 2016. I also studied Biology in SUNY Potsdam College, helping to give me a deeper understanding of yoga anatomy.