Cassandra Elahrag


Yoga came into my life over seven years ago. Since that day I have continued to practice, explore, and teach different paths of yoga.

I remember feeling intimidated the first time I walked into a yoga class. I also remember knowing immediately that I would become a teacher. Since then I have strived to make my classes a safe space for people of all levels to feel vulnerable, ask questions, and try new things. I can honestly say that every time I teach a class, the students give me as much as I give them. Yoga has given me a sense of belonging that I never previously knew, and that’s what I want to give to people seeking yoga.

I am Yoga Alliance certified, and in the process of getting another certification. I teach and practice hot and warm yoga, Vinyasa flow, and chair yoga. I have explored Yoga Nidra, yin, Ashtanga, and children’s yoga. I am passionate about helping people focus on the present moment in class, practicing safely, and making yoga approachable and accessible to all people.