Haley Fromen


Three years ago, my mom took me to a yoga class and that is where it all began. I left dripping in sweat and feeling defeated, yet I kept coming back for more. I was drawn to the physical benefits of the asanas and although this is what brought me to my mat, I realized that yoga goes much deeper than exerting yourself physically.
I continued to practice yoga for essentially “a good workout” because each class was a new challenge for me and each class felt different in my body. It was not until my 200 hour yoga training with Evolation that changed my personal yoga practice and my life.
I was not as excited as you think one would be to embark on this journey. I was scared to leave home and I was personally experiencing a difficult time in my life where I felt I could not break the rut of deep sadness. I was terrified. I was not ready. At least that is what I kept telling myself.
But I was ready. I dove right in.
Yoga allowed me to discover parts of me that I liked and did not like so much. It forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and face the truth instead of tucking this awareness deep inside. Yoga became deeper than strength and sweat. It became like a little vacation for me every time I came to my mat. You just stop for a moment to presence yourself and kind of let everything else fall to the wayside. Yoga brought me back to me. It made it okay to be where I was in my life, in the moment. Yoga does not have to be the same for everyone and that is what I love about the practice. You make it yours and find your niche, knowing that it does not have to stay that way forever; you can feel differently about it every day, even every breath on your mat.
It is an indescribable feeling sharing my love and passion for yoga with students. I give my true self to my students and grow with them, and learn from them every class I teach. I thrive off of creating a fun and light-hearted atmosphere for my students while also bringing them back to the mental aspect of their own practice. There was a switch that seemed dimmed for so long before embarking on this journey, that is now turned on, shedding light and love in my life that I never knew could shine so bright. It was only hiding underneath the surface.