Jessica Dobucki

Zen Buddhism is where Jessica first came across the teachings of mindfulness and mediation. With this practice Jess inquired deeply into the source of who she truly is. She found herself making way, releasing from old baggage and allowing herself to live from the fresh space of the present. With this new bust of life Jessica began to try new things. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was first on the list, which totally changed her life. Soon after she was brought to Evolation Yoga, and bam! Yogi for life!
Feeling alive and more connected than ever Jessica had no trouble signing up for the August 2012 Evolation HOT Yoga Teacher Training. After teaching for a few months at Evolation, and graduating with her AA in Social Science and Humanities, she was invited to go to India. While on her 8 month long journey abroad, Jess participated in the Maha Kumba Mela, sat with the Gurus, and practiced her Yoga on a whole other level. Soon after, she came back to Buffalo and began working on becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner, while taking courses in Healing with Energy and Psychic Development (all completed in December 2013).
The Universe has continued to astonish and humble Jessica endlessly. She is so very grateful to share the grace and power of the ancient wisdom of Zen Buddhism, Yoga, Reiki, and other unifying traditions passed along time. Jessica actively supports her vision of a peaceful existence and lives every day dedicated to that.
Jessica Dobucki