Jill Peterson

Jill Peterson can be found lurking around stacks of dusty books or wandering aimlessly though the woods. She spends part of every day searching for secret passageways, hidden compartments and pirate booty. She is an artist who believes that anything can be made more beautiful and interesting, and that anything can be art. Her favorite subject is the human figure. This makes yoga artistically appealing as well as physically appealing to her. When she started practicing Bikram yoga she rediscovered the joy of sweating and working the physical body. Her health and focus began to dramatically improve along with her quality of life. She wants every student who walks through the door to succeed and feel the physical and mental benefits of a regular yoga practice. She has always believed that there is a surprise around every corner and treasures hidden in unlikely places. Jill wants to encourage you to come to evolation and discover your new healthy life!