Kyla Kegler


Mindfully moving and breathing is something that I inevitably return to as necessary for being well. Sharing yoga with others, both as a student and a teacher, supports me in the very simple challenge of being present in my own body.
I am in pursuit of feeling and connection. In my classes I aim to facilitate spaces for being sensitive to the vast and subtle impulses that day-to-day survival distracts us from.

My yoga practice began with Ashtanga in 2004, in the attic of a barn on the Bread and Puppet farm, in the hills of Glover, Vermont. A few of us would meet in the mornings, starting our working days quietly breathing and moving together, while the sun rose over the chickens. Since then I have practiced and loved many different types of yoga, somatic research, and body-work, and learned from many great teachers along the way.

In 2012 I completed an Ashtanga teacher training in Mysore, India, and returned to Berlin where I was living, to teach Ashtanga and Vinyassa classes full time at Yellow Yoga studio. During my early teaching years, I learned immensely about hands on adjustments and sequencing from my teachers at the Berlin Jivamukti studio. In 2014 I graduated from the Art University of Berlin with an MA in choreography. In 2015 I completed a Thai Massage training with the Sunshine Network in Chieng Mai, Thailand. In 2016 I began an MFA degree at the University at Buffalo, where I am currently working through video, storytelling and performance to research the relationship between anesthesia, mediation, and sensationalism in contemporary social structures.

All of these variations on the study of body awareness inform the way I practice and teach yoga. In my classes I focus on the relationship between each breath and each movement, and try to establish a rhythm that can be held collectively. I am concerned with safe, progressive alignment and give hands on assists.