Leslie Feldballe


Leslie grew up in Buffalo, New York, but her path has taken her around the world and back. The daughter of a ballet dancer and yoga instructor, she learned the fundamentals of movement, alignment, and breath at an early age. Leslie began her practice in earnest with Bikram Yoga while in college. The immediate positive impact it had on every aspect of her life led her to pursue her teaching certification, which she received in the Summer of 2010 with evolation yoga.

Leslie adheres to the belief that all yoga can be good yoga, and has studied with teachers from several lineages around the world with the view that exploring new methods of practice enhances one’s understanding of yoga. She lived for several years in Athens, Greece, where she studied in the Iyengar tradition, whose adherence to proper alignment, detail, and precision has helped her regain strength and movement following a debilitating neck injury. Leslie feels incredibly fortunate to be able to call evolation yoga Buffalo “home”, and is grateful for the continued support of the local yoga community.