Steve Belle


Steve is a Buffalo native who was drawn to Eastern philosophy during his extended travels through Southeast Asia. After returning from a year in Japan in 2009 he started his journey down the yogic path. Coming from an athletic past he was first drawn to the physical benefits of the asana practice. He preferred the hot yoga series as it was physically accessible given his lack of flexibility. As he gradually built a regular practice he began to make connections between the movements and the Eastern philosophies he was exposed to abroad. There was more to this practice than was apparent at the surface.

He felt his practice plateaued in 2014 and decided to embark upon a yoga teacher training with Evolation Yoga in Bali. Upon returning, he began to teach the Warm/Hot classes and also started the Flow teacher training program. This path has taught him much about himself and he is passionate about his role as a teacher. He strives everyday to improve his skills of creating space in the classroom for others to learn and grow through their own experiences.