10/28 and 11/4 Upcoming Chakra Workshops with Nicole Petroff

Discover the Chakras
Saturday, October 28th
$35 (or bundle with Chakra Therapy for $60)

We all have centers of inner wisdom called Chakras within our bodies. When we tap into this wisdom within each Chakra we can know our selves on deeper levels to create more well being and the life we wish to have.

-Learn what the Chakras are and benefits of working with them
– Learn About the History and Science Behind the discovery of the Chakras
– Learn how energy flows through your chakras and what unbalanced chakras system looks like
– Learn about the controversial and conflicting info about the chakras you may come across
– Learn about different ways to work with your chakras
– Use techniques to develop your awareness of your chakras and balance them through a variety of activities.



Introduction to Chakra Therapy
Saturday, November 4th
$35 (or bundle with Discover the Chakras for $60)

Our chakras can be used for deep healing of the issues that get stuck within bodies tissues with a technique developed by best selling author and chakra expert Dr. Anodea Judith called;


It peels away layers of core problems (such as trauma, beliefs systems, emotional pain) that create blocks in the chakras that can create further frustration, discomfort, symptoms, illness, addiction or dysfunctional behavior.

In this class

· Learn how chakra therapy works.

· Learn about diagnoses unbalanced and balanced chakra systems and effects on life and health

· Learn about Trauma Release

· Experience some of the techniques as well as observe a chakra therapy session being done on someone in the class by a certified Chakra Therapist trained by Dr. Anodea Judith.



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