work trade

Work Trade for Yoga
get closer to your practice by working a couple of 
hours a week in trade for your classes
days or nights
maintenance or administration
become part of the community!
e-mail David
for specific questions
 about work trade responsibilities
featured work trade profile : Alicia
I can remember thinking I could never afford the magic of yoga.
And then I saw the email.
Work trade.
An opportunity to clean the studio in exchange for free yoga.
Every Monday and every Wednesday, I stayed after class and swept and mopped and scrubbed and washed.
It seemed like the perfect barter.
Until it gradually became so much more.
I began to feel pride for that space – protective if you will.
I cared about the mirrors and the bathrooms and floors.
I began to know the nooks and crannies.
Every corner. Every place.
I valued my time with my work trade tribe – the stories we shared and what yoga meant to us. I loved hearing how it changed us. Each one us, differently.
I came to find a tremendous respect for those walls that held me in my practice and how those walls showed me to have tremendous respect for myself.
And to love her.
Just as she is.
I began to appreciate every creak in the floor boards, the drip in the sink, the sound of the stillness, the smell of the plants.
It felt like comfort.
It felt like home.
Amazing……a few simple chores has led to complete humbleness,  a sense of belonging, shift in perspective, and irrevocable transformation.
I could never give back enough to show to my eternal thanks.