create the yoga community you crave.

We work hard to offer you a welcoming space every time you visit. Our aims are to support and advance a safe and supportive community that is compassionate, inclusive and judgement free. We honor diversity and acknowledge that individual people approach their lives differently. It is all about you and your journey. We are here for you, whether you wish to be part of something bigger than your self, or simply want to take time out of your busy schedule to calm your nerves or still your mind.

community giving events

We believe in giving back off the mat to create positive change in the community. We host events or get togethers on a volunteer basis.  We are planning our next event.  Stay tuned.

work trade

Opportunity for yogis interested in trading a few hours of time each week for free yoga. Work includes studio administration and cleaning. Open to discuss other trades for yoga as well. Email or call 716-882-4151 to apply.

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