Candlelit Yin – 1/24 – 7:30pm

Join Jes on Tuesday, January 24th, at 7:30pm for a 90 minute Candlelit Yin practice as we welcome in the Winter Solstice and the returning of light.

We’ll gather to rest, reflect, and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit in preparation for the season ahead. All you’ll need to bring for our journey together is your Self, your yoga mat, a water bottle, journal, and writing utensil.


In an effort to create an accessible and inclusive environment for all, this gathering will be offered at a sliding scale. Health and wellness shouldn’t be a luxury and we all deserve to be held and supported at whatever stage or phase of life we are at. With this in mind, you have the agency to determine which price point works best for you at this time. Here is a brief explanation of each tier:

  • Pay-it-Forward: I am comfortably able to meet my basic needs and would like to offer additional support to the community.
  • Suggested: I am regularly able to meet my basic needs and have some expendable income.
  • Communal: I need to be able to meet my basic needs and would experience difficulty or hardship in doing so.

$25 (Pay-it-Forward) | $20 (Suggested) | $15 (Communal)


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