Saturday, June 17th – Foundations of Arm Balancing

Foundations of Arm Balancing
with Kelly and Keri

Open to all levels
Saturday, June 17th

$20 pre-sale

$25 door

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In this workshop we will explore the key elements in arm balancing asana, which include the shoulder girdle, core strength, wrist prep and forearm strength. We have designed this offering for those who are looking to simply break down and understand the action in chaturanga dandasana, to those who would like to add crow pose, side crow, flying pigeon, eight angle pose and many others. We will break down the movements of the scapula, bent arm vs. straight arm strength. We will talk about ways to build strength in your practice recruiting and using the smaller little known muscles that support arm balancing as well as give you tips on strengthening your core to support your entire practice. We hope you will join us for this informative, strong and playful practice. ALL LEVELS WELCOME!