Annmarie Naples


One of Annmarie Naples’ first experiences on the yogic path was extremely spiritual. It was the alignment of the Shakti within and from that she lives by the motto that one must align with their truth because if you don’t you can never be true to yourself or with others. She recalls standing on her head for the first time and it opened her up to the possibility of all things. Yoga put her in touch with herself in such a way that she didn’t even know that she wasn’t.

Annmarie’s teaching style is very similar to her; beautiful, spiritual, joyful and extremely playful. She has the experience of traveling many different paths and this allows her to open up that possibility to you through your practice. Aside from being a yoga instructor, Annmarie has an interior design business that was inspired by meditation. It is just another vehicle that allows her to touch others. As in her life, her business, her teaching and on her mat, Annmarie first falls in love and then all things are possible.