Jessica Ghosen

Jessica believes that yoga has the ability to be a life changing and transformative experience. She sought out the practice for a variety of reasons but, at that time, was in a deeply disconnected state from self. It took her several years of practice to create and maintain a habit of showing up, tuning in, softening, letting go, and surrendering.

She began her journey with Evolation as a work trade student in 2017. This opportunity allowed her to deepen her practice while expanding her knowledge and passion for the discipline. As a roller derby athlete, she recognized the importance and deep need to incorporate a softer form of care to her physical body and for her self.

The practice of connecting our mind, body, and spirit through asana and breath; allows us the ability to deepen and expand our awareness while channeling our energy into something much more meaningful and profound than we might ever imagine.

She feels that there is something wildly freeing to slowing down and practicing presence; and she strives to offer a safe place for others to explore this within their own practice. Yoga can be a beautiful vessel and phenomenal catalyst for bringing about change and growth, both internally and externally; and has been a truly positive force within her life.