(John) Louis Bryant

(John) Louis Bryant began his yogic journey at Bikram Yoga (BY) NYC in 2005, and quickly came to experience the transformative benefits of the asana practice… calming the mind, embracing one’s S/self, and encouraging compassion. Through supportive mentorship from seasoned teachers at BYChelsea and BYParkSlope Lucas Miles Cammack, Roodolph Senecal and Dara Cole, he deepened his study and strengthened his connection with the community this practice offers. Louis participated as a Work Study staff member at studios in NYC before relocating to Western New York in 2012.

Louis joined the Evolation Yoga community in early 2013, bringing a long-held desire to encourage others through teaching. He was blessed for the opportunity to train as a Hot/Warm Teacher in 2015, under the guidance of Mark Drost, David Drost, Gary Davis, Jessica Lawson, Rebecca Rankin, and Monica Leah Shannon. Through the Evolation Hot 90 and Warm 60 classes, he creates a calming yet challenging atmosphere for students–merging mindfulness, balance, effort, integrity and intention. He has also served as a guest teacher at Balance Yoga & Wellness (Larchmont, NY), Bikram Yoga Leeds (UK), Gaze Hot Yoga (Tampa, FL), Hot or Not Yoga NM (Albuquerque, NM), Hot Yoga Escape (Mount Vernon, OH), Open Door Yoga (Raleigh, NC), and True Bikram Yoga (New Haven, CT).