Karen Dennis


Karen Dennis is an advocate for overall health, fitness and well being. In her career as a personal trainer and yoga instructor she helps people discover their life’s full potential for strength and vitality. As both a student and a teacher for over five years she has committed herself to a lifestyle of focus, practice and abundant never ending happiness. As a fully active member of her yoga community, and a friend to all, she takes a personal interest in her students and commits herself fully to others just as she does herself. She’s always encouraging others to be adventurous and brave.
Karen’s very first yoga class was at the gym where she worked as a manager. “I immediately fell in love with the indescribable feeling I got from taking a moment, away from chaos, to be still and present to my own growth.” She then decided to take her practice to a studio, Evolation yoga in Tonawanda, where she sweat, breathed deeply, looked around the room amazed how calm other students looked in the hardest of situations, and smiled. She knew in that moment, that she had to continue feeling how she felt, and not only continue to grow herself, but to spread the feeling to others.
She began teaching at the gym on top of her management role. As she grew as an instructor and student throughout the years, she made the decision to end her management role and focus only on what truly makes her happy; improving others happiness, spreading love, and helping others see their true beauty.