Revolving Moon Ritual – Thursday, 12/2, 7:45pm

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An evening of care for your Self in honor and in dedication to the lunar cycle. We will explore and tap into ourselves as we settle into deep relaxation, rest, and reflection. This months offering brings us together in collaboration with Danni of Selenite & Sage; Meditation Guide, Herbalist, and Reiki Practitioner.
We will warm up with a complimentary herbal tea as we drop in, turn inward, and journal to begin to create space. Jes will then lead us into a grounding meditation to help quiet the mind, tap into our intuition, and prepare ourselves for deeper connection to our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Jes will guide us into some gentle and restorative movement while Danni creates an immersive sound bath for us featuring multiple Tibetan bowls as well as a beautiful Ocean Drum; allowing the sound and vibrations to wash over us while we welcome in a deeper level of alignment & healing. 

Danni will bring us into communion while inviting in our spirit guides & loved ones during a guided meditation practice.. focusing on accepting in all that we need, healing, messages, or quiet serenity. 

After this practice we will open the circle for each person to share any insights they wish to share while journaling memorable moments.
As always, this gathering will be ever changing and evolving with hopes of greater collaboration to bring together a higher level of community care for all beings.

Items to bring:
Yoga matWaterJournalWriting utensilBlanket
*BYO mug for tea to help aid us in our efforts toward a more sustainable future

New $44 (pay-it-forward)
Quarter $33 (suggested)
Full $22

In an effort to create an accessible and inclusive environment for all, this gathering will be offered at a sliding scale; based on each months unique offering. Health and wellness shouldn’t be a luxury and we all deserve to be held and supported at whatever stage or phase of life we are at. With this in mind, you have the agency to determine which price point works best for you at this time. Here is a brief explanation of each tier:

New – I am comfortably able to meet my basic needs and would like to offer additional support to the community.
Quarter – I am regularly able to meet my basic needs and have some expendable income.
Full – I need to be able to meet my basic needs and would experience difficulty or hardship in doing so.

New $44 (pay-it-forward)
Quarter $33 (suggested)
Full $22

If you are unsure, please check out the image below that was thoughtfully created by Alexis J. Cunningfolk (